When Santa’s work is done at the end of a busy festive season, give him the ultimate treat, Hope Limited Edition No. 4 Export Stout as described by The Beer Nut:

“thick and sweet the way a 7.5% ABV stout should be, tasting first of treacle and chocolate but then balancing it with a serious old-world vegetal bitterness. While those two elements were see-sawing on my palate I caught just a glimpse of a lighter, more delicate, meadow flower perfume, a whisper of lavender in the otherwise dark and stormy big-stout flavours. It’s beautifully done — a proper stout-drinker’s stout — and one to rank alongside Leann Folláin and Guinness Foreign Extra, for as long as it lasts”

While Santa is drinking he could browse The Beer Nut’s beery prose at www.thebeernut.blogspot.ie!
Happy Christmas and may 2017 be full of Hope!