On Saturday, May 20th we were delighted to welcome the gang from Howth Castle Cookery School for a little tour of our brewery followed by a tasting of it’s produce!

We had a rare auld time chatting beer, food and pairings for Hope’s collection. It was great to hear opinions on our beers from a more culinary-centric perspective. We make all our beers with thoughts of food combinations and to have some extra insights was great.

We’d like to thank all the participants for joining us and making it as fun and engaging a day as it was, for all involved!

Here’s some snaps of the day for good measure.

BBQ at Howth The finished product BBQ at Howth BBQ at Howth 2 Hope Tasting Jeanne with Cookery School Cookery School at Hope Martyn at Hope

If you’d like to learn more about the Howth Castle Cookery School, you can check out their website here.