Best Spice Bags in Dublin

It’s fair to say the humble Spice Bag holds a special place in the culinary preferences of Dubliners. While it doesn’t get the instant recognition of the likes of the ‘Full Irish’ or dare we say bacon and cabbage or coddle it certainly has an underappreciated hold on our taste buds.

Don’t believe us? It was voted Ireland’s Favourite Dish in the 2018, 2019 and 2020 Just Eat Awards as well as being the most ordered Chinese dish on Deliveroo in 2019! Plus there’s good reason we suggest you pair our Hop-On Session IPA with it. The winning combination of crispy chicken, fried peppers and onions, chips and spices washed down with the hoppy bitterness of an IPA is something your taste buds will thank you for.

It’s an uniquely Irish dish (bag?!) with an Asian twist that no one is really sure where it originated from. Some say Tallaght, others mentioned Carlow but we aren’t going to overthink it and the next time you are in the mood for something naughty, consider our top five Spice Bags around Dublin.

Kin Lee 

With five locations in the Northside, and with delivery available, Northsiders can easily enjoy an order from the winner of the 2017 Best Spice Bag at the Just Eat Takeaway Awards.

Deep fried shredded chicken mixed with healthy vegetables and seasoned with chips, using a special blend of salt and chilli sounds pretty good to us!

San Sab

Another winner from the Northside and we reckon it’s their house spice mix that made them the 2019 winner of the best Spice Bag. Based in Drumcondra, they list it as a starter but we could certainly enjoy it as a main course!


Xi’an in Galway was the winner of Deliveroo’s Most Popular Spice Bag in 2018 and the app shows the city’s most popular order in 2019 was their Spice Bag. Dubliners need not miss out as Xi’an now has a location on South Anne Street, so you can see what people from the City of the Tribes have been enjoying for years.

Sea Palace

The recommendation of Tom Kane, our sales rep and resident Spice Bag aficionado, Just up the road in Portmarnock Tom reckons “It’s spicy, firm crisp chip and just the right amount of chilli drenched in curry sauce. Served the only way it should be, drenched in curry sauce.”


The best spice bag in South Dublin? Possibly! Not only do they have a regular spice bag and a spice bag with extra chicken, they also serve up the Mega Box which not only includes a Spice Bag but also Chicken Wings, Chicken Balls, Ribs and two types of sauce; Sweet & Sour Sauce, Curry Sauce. Definitely made for sharing!

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Best Spice Bags in Dublin