Our 5 litre mini-kegs have been a huge success, with bars and pubs closed over the last few months they have been the perfect way for you to enjoy a pint or glass of freshly poured Hope @ Home.

Many of you asked are they recyclable and the answer is yes. Absolutely yes! Please put them into your recycling bin as you would with your cans. As a certified member of Origin Green we were conscious of the mini-kegs we were sourcing and wanted to ensure they could be recycled.

But what happens after they get collected?

Liam Dunne, General Manager of Panda’s recycling facility in Dublin, was kind enough to show us how the mini-kegs are separated from all the other recyclable material.

Firstly, it’s likely that the kegs will be partially crushed by the packer on the bin lorry after being collected from a household. When they arrive at the facility all recyclables are tipped in a receiving hall before being fed into the separating equipment. Electro-magnets lift all ferrous metals off the conveyor belt and drop them down a chute.

You’ll see in this video the first one that passes under the magnet is lifted and dropped to the left, while the second bounces around the cleats on the belt before eventually dropping too.

The kegs, along with the other materials that are picked up by the magnets are crushed into bales and destined for smelting plants in Northern Europe. So there you have it, a process that is as straight forward as pouring beer from the keg itself!

Hope beer mini-kegs recycled

Thanks again to Liam in Panda and in February this year the company completed another €2M upgrade to their 3D product line which followed on from their plant upgrade in 2018 making it the leading recycling plant in the country.