We all know the pubs won’t be opening until August but we’re here for you with Hope @ Home; our new 5 litre mini-kegs! You can now enjoy a freshly poured pint, or glass, of Irish craft beer at home.

We’ve a full range of your regular favourites plus recent Limited Editions and our Seasonal Black IPA. So, if you fancy a glass of tangy sour, something sessionable to go with your BBQ or a stout for your latest Zoom Poker game or Zoom quiz, we’ve a mini-keg for every taste and occasion.

Available Beers

  • Handsome Jack IPA
  • Passifyoucan Pale Ale
  • Underdog Lager
  • Grunt Wheat Beer
  • Hop On Session IPA
  • Seasonal Black IPA
  • Limited Edition #17 Foreign Export Stout
  • Limited Edition #18 Pineapple and Passion Fruit Sour

In order to get the best pour possible from your mini-keg we strongly advise you watch this video or follow the instructions below.

  1. Keep your mini-keg chilled and once ready to pour turn the tab on the top of the mini-keg a full 90 degrees anti-clockwise
  2. On the front of the keg, gently pull the small red handle, that is on top of the tap, forward.
  3. Then using the handle, pull the tap out of the keg until fully extended.
  4. Fully turn the tap anti-clockwise to start pouring. If you don’t turn the tap fully you’ll get more head on your beer
  5. To stop pouring, turn the tap back clock-wise
  6. Enjoy!
  7. A kiss from your significant other is optional. (This is for those of you who watched the video!)

Mini-kegs are available to buy in-store or online from the following stockists.* Many of which provide a delivery service:

*Subject to availability. Please ask your local stockist if can they order a keg of your choice if it isn’t available in-store