Limited Edition 1516: Unfiltered Lager

Limited edition 1516 Unfiltered Lager is a malty, sweet German style lager. The name 1516 is in reference to the Rheinheitsgebot law was introduced in Bavaria in 1516 and to this day, still dictates how a German beer must be brewed.

Tasting Notes

We used only German malts and hops to create an amber coloured beer with a biscuit malt body. Low bitterness from the hops is balanced with caramel sweetness with a little toasted flavour. Enjoy Limited Edition 1516 with your steak or burger from the BBQ, pizza, spicy or salty food during long summer evenings.

4,623 14


Malts: Bohemian Pilsner, Carared, Wheat Malt, Acidulated Malt

Hops: Hallertau Taurus, Hallertau Tradition, Saaz

Yeast: Weihenstephan Strain Lager Yeast

Hope Limited Edition 1516 Unfiltered Lager