Brewers Edition: DIPA

Brewers Edition DIPA is a highly hopped double IPA, crafted with cutting-edge techniques to deliver unparalleled aromatics and an abundance of hop flavour.

New cryogenic hops from America’s Pacific Northwest bring double the flavour and aroma potential of traditionally processed hops. Paired with a Hope favourite, Citra, in the whirlpool, we get a blend of passionfruit and grapefruit flavours. Dry hopping with another cryogenic hop, and combining it with classics Citra and Centennial, results in a medley of resin, citrus, stone fruit, and pine notes.

Through innovative dry hopping methods, the hops’ aromatic oils shine, unlocking an even more intense hop flavour and aroma. The result? A burst of aroma in every sip, minus the bitterness. Despite a higher ABV, a touch of invert sugar in the boil keeps the body light for an easy-drinking DIPA.

8,5 70 16