Unlike many sour beers on the market today our latest sour is not a kettle sour, where the wort is pre-soured with lactobacillus in the kettle before boiling

Instead we used a yeast that is commonly used in the wine industry, but whose use is only starting to be explored by the brewing industry. Lanchancea thermotolerans is a yeast that consumes simple sugars, but instead of producing alcohol, as per brewer’s yeast, it produces lactic acid which causes the sour flavour.

Fruit was added at the start, along with the Lanchancea yeast, with additional fruit added immediately post-fermentation.

Tasting Notes

Fruits dominate, with tartness present from the sour wort but also from the natural fruit sharpness. Sweet and sour fruit gives way to more lingering acidic flavours in the aftertaste. Relatively dry finish makes the overall sensation refreshing and moreish.

Food pairings: Roast pork, charcuterie such as rillette and paté, fruity deserts and even dark chocolate for a delicious contrast.



Water, malted barley
Yeast: Lanchancea thermotolerans
Fruit: Raspberry, gooseberry

Hope Beer Sour