Product Description

The tour takes place in our state of the art brewery with a 20 l Brewhouse, 10 Fermentation Vessels and 2 Bright Beer Tanks. The brewing kit is supported with ancillary equipment like our Water Purification Plant, Glycol unit, Grain mill, etc. All aspects of the brewing process will be covered on the tour and a member of our brewing team will be on hand to answer your questions. This part of the tour will take 25 mins approx.

You will then be brought up to our tasting room which has a great view of the brewery floor and a range of beers available for tasting. The tasting will include all our core beers:

  • Handsome Jack, IPA
  • Grunt, Saison
  • Passifyoucan, Blonde Ale
  • Underdog, Lager
  • Hop-On Session IPA

In addition, you will get to try our current seasonal (Summer Session IPA or Winter Session IPA) and whatever Limited Edition Beers we have in stock. For example, Flat White Stout, Vienna Oatmeal IPA, Tropical IPA, Tropical Sour, etc. The tasting will consist of at least 6 different beers.

€15 / person

Thursdays: 5pm

Fridays: 5pm

Saturdays: 4pm

For special requests in relation to the Brewery Tour and Tastings please contact Jeanne Mahony – Jeanne@hopebeer(dot)ie