Like many Irish people, Zoe’s first introduction to beer styles beyond lagers and stouts took place in North America, Toronto to be exact. It was here that she delved into the world of home brewing and the start of a new career.
“There were so many tap rooms and that’s how I got into different style of beer. I love the culture over there of being able to pop-into your neighbourhood brewery for a beer plus the choice they offer. I came home just before COVID hit and as a result of the lock-down had a lot of spare time on my hands, like most people! I started the Brewing & Distilling course in Cork IT and now I just need to complete the Distilling part of the course before I graduate in December.
Lock-down was a bit of a blessing in disguise as it allowed me to do the course online which wouldn’t have been possible previously, especially as I had a full time job. I’m really looking forward to learning in a hands-on way with the team here and work my way up.”
If we were to put you in charge of the brewing schedule tomorrow what would be the first style of beer you’d brew? “Definitely a fruity sour! I find them really intriguing and it’s my favourite style”